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Boredom Wins.

Greetings, Blogosphere.

I’m writing this because I’m bored. Bored right out of my skull. Everyday I sit here in front of a computer and can’t do anything fun with it. Just boring days, boring meetings, and boring people who can’t seem to find anything to make my job interesting. When I signed on for this gig I thought it would be cool, but no.

My name is Jason, and I’m the tech officer for a paranormal group called Searching for Angels. No, we aren’t some kind of freaky cult based out of Utah, that would actually be an engaging project. /end sarcasm.

We’re just a bunch of wanna-be ghost hunters, chasing our boss’s nutsy near death experience. Like I said, boring as hell. We never find anything, ┬ámost of the jobs we get called on are hoaxes, and half of ’em don’t even pay because we won’t give them a certificate saying that their closet is a veritable gateway to Tartarus. But I’m not bitter, no sir…

This is the 2nd week that the boss has missed payroll. If we don’t get something big soon, the company is going to go under. More importantly, if I don’t find something to entertain myself with soon, I won’t even notice it collapsing. ┬áThat’s where you people come in: Make this interesting for me, okay? Start reading and maybe this job will be tolerable again.