Help Me Help You

Never mix business and pleasure, Jason.

Well well, what do we have here?

It looks like Jason left his little blog project up and running. It would be a shame if I were to, say, convert it into a company blog and tell Jason not to goof off on my time anymore, wouldn’t it?

If there’s anyone out here whose actually reading this pathetic attempt at human interaction, our man Jason is not just any lonely anti-social techie, he’s MY lonely anti-social techie. Replace every instance of the word “boss” in that last post with “Frank”, and you’ve got me.  Since Jason wants to whine about his job to the internet,  I’m sure he won’t mind me using it to drum up some business.

Searching for Angels is more than my crazy near death experience. We are a serious paranormal research group that is funded on a donation basis, something Jason tends to forget. We aren’t in this for the money, it’s all about doing what we can to make sure the field of paranormal research gets the credence it deserves.

It’s a long story, but basically I had a car accident, and in the after-math I passed out. While I was out I had this weird dream, where I was engulfed in what I can only describe as black light.  There was a man at the edge of the light. I tried to look at him, but it was as if the light just slid off of him, like a snake shedding it’s skin. The only details I could make out about him was that he was tall, maybe 8 feet or more, and wearing a suit.

According to the paramedics that found me, I shouldn’t be alive. I’m convinced that the man in my dream was real, and that he saved my life. I’m also convinced that whatever he was, it wasn’t human.  I’m here because of him, and Jason is here because of ME.

I created Searching For Angels, dead set on finding Him. In the past four years, we’ve had about 50 cases, and maybe 5 believable paranormal encounters. We don’t get much here in Jeff City, and what we do get is almost certainly pure hoax. But I know He’s out there somewhere, and I intend to find Him.

I’ll let Jason fill you in on the rest of the team and how we operate. I’m sure he’d just love to become our lead marketer. And Jason, when you read this? Meet me in my office.



2 responses

  1. Meet you in your office? Frank, for the last time, no matter how often you ask me I am not going into the bathroom alone with you.


    September 12, 2010 at 5:09 pm

  2. I know you aren’t smart enough to figure this out on your own, but I am still watching this site to make sure you play by my rules. Better get on that bios page, or I might take away your fan-fic privileges.


    September 12, 2010 at 5:12 pm

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