Help Me Help You

Some small updates

So, in case any of you are repeat visitors, you might have noticed the blog’s name has changed. Jason finally got in gear and changed it for me, as you can probably tell by the painfully obvious Ghost-Busters reference. Just one of many changes coming to the site, so stay tuned!

Also, apparently someone linked us on a place called unfiction? Jason tried to explain it to me, apparently it’s got something to do with that Marble Hornets thing he was into. Anyway, sorry to disappoint everyone, but as far as I know none of us are being stalked by faceless men in business suits, no matter what Jason tells you. I also don’t appreciate people likening my near-death experience to some sort of murderous¬†psychopath. Let’s cut down on that in the future, eh?

I’m going to try and co-erce Jason into putting up some video later. It might not be up for awhile, since the we don’t technically go back to work until Monday, but I’ll see what I can do. Until then, ciao.


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