Help Me Help You

Events of this weekend

For those of you in contact with Jackson, I really need your help.  I need you to tell me where he is, because he’s been stalking our office and has resorted to breaking and entering now.

We’ve been noticing some strange noises, lately, and now we’ve got evidence of his breaking into the second floor computer room, which also holds all our miscellaneous tech and documentation of cases.  I’m not sure what he took or what he’s thinking, but he needs help.  Frank, Mara, and I were here last Friday night – Frank and I were mulling over the recent cryptic messages left on the site, when Mara came running down the stairs, signing to me that she had heard someone moving around up there.  When we got up to check, we heard a crash and Frank bolted up the stairs.  When we got up there, a window was broken, traces of blood on the bottom shards, and Frank swears he saw Jackson running away, down the street.  We reported the incident to the police who, after running the blood sample, says they have a suspect.

We’re going over in the morning to check it out with them, but what bothers me more is that Jackson seems so proficient at disappearing.  I’ve never known him to be like that, and he just keeps randomly calling me from pay-phones.  He sounds sickly when he does, coughing every now and then and speaking in riddles.  Please, if you see him or hear from him, tell him he needs to come back.

Return to us, Jackson.  I don’t want to be finding you forever.


One response

  1. Beware, I live.

    Of course, could you expect anything else? No, I’m sure you couldn’t. Frank, of all people, should know I’m a hard man to kill.

    October 20, 2010 at 1:44 pm

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