Help Me Help You

To wash away all impurity.

I don’t comprehend.  I gave you all the tools you needed to protect me.  I never interfered unless completely necessary, but you couldn’t resist prodding something you don’t understand.

Fine – I’m out in the open, now, and the threat of sickness is overwhelming.  No one will see the parasite before it gets me, but you’ve sacrificed her for your incessant curiosity.  Do you think you’re so smart now?

Heh, free will.  What a joke, especially in a society where you so often admit that nothing comes for free.  At least you have your own body to write checks your ego can’t cash, but that still doesn’t keep you from taking everyone around you when you self-destruct.  Well, know this: I am now and still am not Amarantha.  I have lived with her for so long that I could be her, if given the chance, and you have benefited from my gifts.  But now you hunt me, and you’re killing her.

Analyze that.  Where did destroying what your best friend loves most fall within the scope of your vast intelligence?


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