Help Me Help You

No s~0~n of yours

Pathetic?  That’s not very nice, Jack.  I came over for morning tea, even tried to wake you, but you would not play host for me.

That’s fine.  You will play host now, whether you like it or naught.

If this isn’t enough of a show for you, I can do better.  But then we’re just playing games.  So, as long as we’re at it, I have a nice little game to start us off.

The “angels” will ask a question, and you will have twenty-four hours to answer it.  Failure to do so means that I will deliberately tear you apart, rather than let you feast upon yourselves.

Soul is the brevity of wit – but you’ll have neither when we’re done.  So, in the spirit of fair play, I’ll start with a simple question.  “Who am I?”  You each get one answer – then you are done.

Let us enjoy this!


3 responses

  1. How am I supposed to know who you are? You and your stupid angels can’t do anything that you haven’t already done.

    We are a family, and we stick up for each other, even after we have our fights and doubts. Whoever you are, you wouldn’t understand that.

    So, I’m gonna say…


    November 9, 2010 at 1:15 pm

  2. Faron

    Shit, I wish I had seen this earlier.

    I’ll help out where I can, Jason. We’re all supporting you guys.

    November 9, 2010 at 8:32 pm

  3. goslanen

    Bravo, little Ravan. You are playing your part nigh perfectly. Together, ~we~ will show the truth.

    ~We’re~ all supporting ~you guys~. Who knows? ~We~ might help out with the next question…or the next…or not.

    Are you beginning to understand, Jason?

    November 9, 2010 at 9:30 pm

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