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Coming Clean

Hey everybody. So, you know that look that a kid gives you when you catch him with his hand in the cookie jar? I’m wearing that look right now.

Some of you guys may remember awhile back that Jackson handed a challenge out to you cats out there on the internet, that he was going to disprove the existence of Slender Man. Ever since then, everything’s gone to hell in a hand-basket, what with brain-bugs and kidnappings and sudden pregnancies. Things are pretty intense, except for the fact that 90% of it has been a lie.

Yes, we lied to you all, from Day One on. I don’t feel proud of it. You see, around the time Jason started watching those videos, Jack came up with this crazy idea: What if we tried to, well, call this thing. You know, actually try to get it to show up. How amazing would it be for our careers if we could get some footage? We knew it was just a game and all, but it was funny to think “What if?” So we launched this whole “story-line”, doing some digging and trying to come up with a feasible reason for this thing to exist. Then we kind of threw it all out there and binged on as much Slender-Man related junk as we could. We haven’t put anything up for the past week because we got a little bit more proactive. We took a trip out to Denver and went hiking in the Rockies, occasionally splitting up so as to isolate ourselves. Jackson even ran around screaming Slender-facts as loud as he could to try and attract attention. We got plenty of odd looks and a nice talking to from a Park Ranger, but no supernatural phenomenon.

So, I come to you, hat in hand, to tell you I’m truly sorry for misleading you. I’ll be keeping this blog around and we’ll post some of our exploits from time to time, but I had to come clean. For now, I guess there really are no angels, heh.


One response

  1. AWWW! Just when things were getting exciting! What a let down….

    December 10, 2010 at 7:17 am

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