Help Me Help You


Searching for Angels is a paranormal group centered in Jefferson City, Missouri. We specialize in EVP research and historical investigation. We are not currently accepting new jobs due to technical failures and scheduling conflicts. However, keep checking back if you’ve got a problem that needs fixing, we might just be able to help!

The Team:

Frank Rustle: Team Leader and Manager. Frank also has a history in Law Enforcement and valuable contacts for looking into criminal activity that may have occurred near your haunting site.

Jackson Burr: Lead Investigator. Jackson specializes in data analysis and research, and can help you find out exactly what phenomenon you are experiencing.

Mara Stephens: Investigator. Mara is our psychology expert, and if a psychology report can be written on your haunt, she’s the woman for the job.

Jason Carter: Technological officer. Jason designs, tests, and repairs all the technology we use. If it exists, he can dream something up to find it.


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