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Merry Christmas!

Seasons Greetings, everyone!

We hope you all have a exceptional Christmas, from all of us to you! To think, we have been together  for four years now. Time really flies, doesn’t it?


So Overtly Serious

I am on a trip. I do not know when I will be back. But I will get much work done, I think. Please do not contact me, I will be fine. Everything is fine.

A Predicament.

Last night was good.  The Lemp Mansion contained all sorts of shadowplay.  We got a few whispered EVP’s as well (electronic voice phenomena, for you newcomers to the field of paranormal investigation).  That wasn’t the best part.  Jackson and Frank were both in the office where Billy Lemp died.  Jason was in Frederick’s room, the site of many reports about an unfriendly male spirit.  I was watching the camera views for him so that he could go enjoy himself.  A little after 1 a.m, the three views went blank.  I saw a flash in several windows and heard a crash from within.  Then I heard a very high-pitched scream.  It turned out to be Jason, as he realized that each of his cameras had simultaneously exploded.

It was quite fascinating.  The trauma wouldn’t likely have been caused by in-line power surges.  Jason is always very careful about protecting against such things.  We spent a while trying to figure it out after that, checking cords and wires and anything we could think of.  Jason couldn’t stop crying.  Mara was there with him, holding him.  She was staring a bit blankly, in my opinion.  Her mouth was moving, but words weren’t coming out.  Maybe she didn’t know any other way to try and comfort him.  It was supposed to be their night.  In hindsight, I suppose it wasn’t so good.  But we’ve never had such an outlandish experience before.  Maybe he’ll get over it soon and realize that he got exactly what he wanted for his birthday.  They say this sort of thing can be once in a lifetime.  We should enjoy this gift while we can!